Tachometer and Ignition


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Aljezur, Portugal
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2005 Accent LC
My Car is a Hyundai Accent LC year 2005 with 1,3 engine and 83 HP. KM 177600 at the moment.
Since about one year i have problems with the Tachometer, sometimes he shows no reps at all and sometime he hangs on 500 to 600 reps and sometimes he shows less than the actual reps.
Then I have another problem, sometimes with constant speed it has a short dropout and the engine light flashes briefly and recently it was on permanently. Then I had a diagnosis done and it said Random Misfire at cylinder 2 and 4 and indicated what it could be. I then put in a new crankshaft sensor and a new ignition coil. And made a reset of all error messages. For a few months all worked well, even the tachometer. I don't understand the connection between the speedometer and the misfires, but ok. then after a while he hat again a short misfire and a short flickering of the engine light. Then it was ok again for some time and a few days ago it went out when slowing down to stop, and then it takes some time to start again. And the speedometer is hanging at 500 reps. Engine runs fine, but it bothers me that he still has the two problems, although much less than before the crankshaft sensor and Ignition coil replacement. Can anyone tell me where the tachometer gets its signal from? Then I can have these parts checked and possibly replace them. Thanks for your help.

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